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Job description

We are looking for skilled and passionate professionals, both junior and senior, in order to develop innovative apps based on cutting-edge technology. We leverage the latest technologies and deliver great results. We are growing fast and this means there is always a lot of work to do and we are looking for competent and passionate professionals to be in charge of spreading the amazing and compelling story of Blasting News.

A significant experience:

  • Developing with PHP (5+ and 7+ version) and a very good knowledge of OOP programming (developing on custom and popular Frameworks);

  • Using the most widespread Design Patterns (Factory, Dependency Injection, Strategy etc.);

  • Using Composer;

  • Implementing multi-level caching application systems, especially Memcached - Redis;

  • Developing with Javascript: OOP in native JS and through the use of popular frameworks
    (especially jQuery, React);

  • Using GIT as version control system;

  • Very good knowledge of database logics, especially MySQL (triggers, stored procedures, database design, query optimization tools).

The following skills would be a plus:

  • Experience with nginx as web server;

  • Knowledge of Redis as a caching application system;

  • Experience with NoSQL database, especially with MongoDB;

  • Experience with Node.js;

  • Experience with Elasticsearch;

  • Experience interacting with bucket S3 Amazon through Amazon API (PHP);

  • Ability to develop bash script;

  • Business Level of English.

Working place: Rome (Italy)

Attitude and approach are more important than competence at Blasting News, and they are the real key to succeed:

  • Be entrepreneurial and proactive;

  • Get things done;

  • The easier, the better;

  • Never complain: focus on solutions, don’t focus on problems;

  • Lead by example;

  • Love pressure and new daily challenges;

  • Go beyond the assigned tasks;

  • Learn fast;

  • Listen first and be humble;

  • Be fair.

“It’s not easy to work here. You can work long, hard, or smart, but you can’t choose two out of three. But we are working to build something important, something that we can all tell our grandchildren about. Such things aren’t meant to be easy”.

Personal characteristics:

Inclination to “make things happen” in a concrete way. Strong team spirit, proactive behavior and innovation-oriented. Motivating personality for the reaching of goals. The role consists in coordinating resources both internal and external to the company. The person we are looking for needs to have very good analytic and organizational skills and a marked inclination to problem-solving and teamwork.

Company Description:

Blasting News is a new disruptive concept of journalism - where every voice matters - being made by the people, for the people. Set up in mid-2013, Blasting News has grown to 100 million monthly unique on-site visitors in 44 months since its launch, the same time needed by Snapchat and 10 months faster than Facebook – a very encouraging league. Thanks to this growth, Blasting News is now the largest global social publisher, or the 120th most visited websites in the world (Alexa Ranking), publishing more than 11,000 video-news and 25,000 written-news each month. Blasting News has readers on five continents and offices in London, New York, Sao Paulo, Milan, Rome, and Hong Kong.

News is produced by delocalized freelance contributors (Blasters), fact-checked and curated by a quality team of senior professionals. Furthermore, the news is distributed by Social Blasters, a global team of top digital influencers. All the processes are fuelled by the crowd, without any central newsroom - thanks to an extensive use of technology (the core stages are managed by algorithms, some of which are patent-pending).

RAL: €24k-€50k

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Job Title
Web Developer

Job location
Roma (Italy)

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