[remote + VISA Sponsor] Senior Developer / Software Architecture da Outcomes4me

Descrizione dell'offerta di lavoro

Many patients and their families have given up on the ability to fully understand and navigate treatment options for the various diseases they might suffer. More often than not, zip code or location is a better predictor of health outcome than genetic code. In many cases, we really don’t know how drugs and various treatments perform in the real world, how they impact the quality of life or compare to each other. We believe things do not need to stay this way and, given the right set of tools and systems, patients can be truly empowered with their own care. At Outcomes4Me, we are building an integrated platform which provides patients and their families with new ways to engage with healthcare systems globally. Our goal is to help them seamlessly discover and access personalized treatment and outcomes information. We’re looking for a senior developer to join our team full time, to help us create a new patient experience with the ambition to improve care. We are offering a unique opportunity to work with an experienced and passionate founding team.

We are looking for an exceptional developer to join our team. We want to start with a full-time remote collaboration.
We are open to sponsoring your VISA and make you come here to Boston if you are the right match after a period of trial.

What you have:

  • Passion and resilience to build modern software solutions

  • Keen interest in health care

  • Experience building and deploying data services

  • Experience designing multi-tier architecture and integrated systems

  • Coding expertise with various programming languages (e.g., Python, Go, Java)

  • Familiarity with cloud services/platforms (e.g., Google, Amazon) and security protocols

  • Comfortable working in an AGILE and fast moving environment

What you will do:

  • Build data structures and integration tools

  • Design APIs and web services

  • Build serverless, and distributed services

  • Contribute to the success of the company by helping set its technical foundation

We offer competitive compensation and benefits packages, and for the right skill sets are open to remote working configurations.

$35k - $55k per year

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Job Title
[remote + VISA Sponsor] Senior Developer / Software Architecture

Luogo dell'offerta
Milano (Italy)

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