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Does web traffic intrigue you? Do you know programming languages better than Italian? Find out what you can do in Subito IT team!


  • Drink coffee with your brand new team and make some friends.

  • Face your stand-up meeting.

  • Collaborate with colleagues to handle all the complexities and challenges of development, generated by the rapid growth of the site

  • Actively contribute to the success of Subito

  • Work with agile methodologies: Scrum, Kanban e XP.

  • Get some rest after a long day of work by playing foosball or ping pong with your colleagues.


  • Minimum of 3 years of web programming and development work experience.

  • Deep knowledge in minimum two programming or scripting languages: Go, Python, Ruby, Java, C/C++

  • Deep experience in implementation of API REST.

  • Knowledge regarding wide adopted open source RDBMS like PostgreSQL and MySql as well as NoSQL DBs like Redis, Cassandra, and Kafka.

  • Knowledge of TDD and DDD methodologies.

  • Comfortable working in Linux environment

  • Experience in development of highly scalable applications.

  • Knowledge of common microservice architecture patterns like dynamic service discovery, circuit breaking, bulkhead

  • Knowledge of GIT DSCM.

  • Problem-solving skills.

  • Teamwork skills.


– knowledge of docker and container system in general
– experience in continuous delivery strategies
– comfortable working with Redis, Memcache, ngnix, rabbitmq, Kafka
– experience in profiling and debugging performance issues
– knowledge of common web development patterns: MVC, ActiveRecord, Dependency Injection

Il presente annuncio è rivolto ad entrambi i sessi, ai sensi delle leggi
903/77 e 125/91, e a persone di tutte le età e tutte le nazionalità,
ai sensi dei decreti legislativi 215/03 e 216/03.

RAL: €30k - €40k

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Back End Engineer

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Milano (Italy)

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