C++ Developer da Optrail

Descrizione dell'offerta di lavoro

Our company is a technology start-up operating in the field of operations research applied to transport planning. Our mission is to provide innovative decision support tools for the railway industry, achieved by leveraging the broad experience of our team in scientific and business environments.

what profile are we looking for?

a high mindset c++ developer who has at least 4/5 years of experience in a programming environment.

what skills are we looking for?

  • strong computer science background (master degree in computer science or equivalent)

  • strong object-oriented analysis, design skills and data structure knowledge

  • at least 4/5 years of experience in ansi c++ programming in unix/linux/windows environment

  • good verbal and written communication skills in the english language.

the following will be considered a plus

  • c++11, boost library

  • at least 2/3 years of experience in core java programming in unix/linux/windows environment

  • experience using testing tools, unit test scripting and testing methodologies.

  • experience using integrated development environment and project management tools (e.g., eclipse, visual
    studio, maven, git).

  • unix programming skills and admin skills: shell scripts

  • strong problem solving and troubleshooting skills

Competitive Salary

Referral Program

Posizione lavorativa
Back End Engineer, Full Stack Engineer, Software Architecture, Data engineer | Database admin, Programmer

Luogo dell'offerta
Roma (Italy)

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