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Descrizione dell'offerta di lavoro

Kubique is looking for someone with (at least) a Bachelor degree in a technical field such as computer science, computer engineering or related field, and a minimum of 4 years of experience on the following key skills:

• JAVA (at least ver. 5) + Java Enterprise (web components);

• Other Languages: JAVASCRIPT, HTML5, CSS, XML/XSD

• REST paradigm, understanding of service-based architectures (JSON, SOAP)

• Deep knowledge of Relational Databases and SQL - DDL and DML

• Design: UML, Design Patterns

• Systems and Networking: understanding of TCP/IP and http

•Fluency in English (proficiency level)

• Customer-centricity

Skills appreciated - as many skills as possible among:

• Design and Development

• JAVA 8, Java Enterprise (also EJB)

• Javascript (ES5):

• Framework Backbone, Marionette, Angular

• Template Engine: Handlebars, Underscore

• Libraries: JQuery, Underscore/Lodash, SystemJS

• Mobile: IOS, Android, Ionic, Phonegap/Cordova

• Other: Vert.x, I/O (blocking and non-blocking), SPRING, Functional


• Development Environment: Git, Maven, DevOps, Continuous Integration (Jenkins/Hudson, Travis CI, Atlassian Bamboo), Eclipse IDE

• Databases

• Graph Databases and NoSql DBMS, such as Orient DB, Neo4J, MongoDB, Cassandra

• Relational Databases: Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySql, DB2

• Integration

• WSO2 (preferably) or any other Integration Server

• Systems and Networking

• Deep understanding of TCP/IP, http and the related protocols

• Cryptography:

• Understanding of asymmetric cryptography, digital signature, timestamping

• Experience in building BLOCKCHAIN services IS A BIG PLUS

• Other Languages: PHP, ECMA Script 6

Other experiences:

• Experience of working in big/medium companies within the banking, automotive and manufacturing industries

• Project or Team Leadership Experience is a plus

• Knowledge of other foreign languages is a plus

Milano or Roma


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Full Stack Developer - Roma

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Roma (Italy)

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