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Descrizione dell'offerta di lavoro

You will be part of our talented team of developers on some challenging projects and customers.
This is a position that will use current and modern development technologies so coding skills matter (front-end, back-end core services, build & packaging, continuous integration, etc.).
Developing software at the best is at the very core of our company.

This means that developers who integrate with our team are people who:

  • code because they love coding

  • you don’t just code because you are too young to be a project manager!

  • commit to the full development cycle (design + coding + test + packaging + delivery)

  • care about doing things the right way

  • we sell support and maintenance so quality really matters

  • like communicating about what we do: blog posts, conferences (both internals and externals), etc

Our technical stack (this is what we have now, this is not we the required skills list neither the skills we will have tomorrow):

  • Java/J2EE

  • JavaScript/HTML5 for the client side: ES6, AngularJS, React.js, Polymer, Meteor.js, Node.js, etc

  • Linux C/C++ for native

  • Python for scripting, internal tools and server side

  • Scala

  • Mobile: ObjectiveC/Swift for iOS, Java for Android, Apache Cordova for hybrid apps

  • REST as everywhere

  • Cloud infrastructures like AWS and Azure

  • Postgresql, Oracle, Mysql, etc

  • Nosql: Redis for in memory storage, MongoDB

RAL: €27k - €45k

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Posizione lavorativa
Back End Engineer, Full Stack Engineer

Luogo dell'offerta
Milano (Italy)

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