Senior Data Scientist (FREELANCE) da Excelle Srl

Descrizione dell'offerta di lavoro

Senior Data Scientist supports Data team to create customer fashion DNA by leveraging machine learning models. Derive actionable customer insights with primary focus on customer personalization and omni-channel customer journey
• Work with fashion brands to adopt state-of-the-art machine learning methods and data mining methodologies to drive business decisions
• Create continuously self-learning algorithms to support customer journey
• Institutionalize machine learning models end to end in production. Integrate models with endpoint facing systems, e.g. DMP, campaign targeting, CRM, eCommerce, etc.
• Present actionable insights to Fashion brand stakeholders, and create detail operational plan to fulfill the model execution
• Define testing plan and method to measure tangible business results
Position Requirements
• E-commerce marketing and merchandising experience
• Managing personalization methods in digital channels
• Experience in extending and customizing open source algorithms to fit the business needs
• Implement reinforcement learning to help business operations
• Experience in implementing algorithms using distributed graph
• Strong presentation and communication skills
• Exceptional standards for quality and strong attention to detail
• Advanced degree (PhD or Masters) in an analytical or technical field, e.g. mathematics, OR, AI, CS/CE
• Experience using open source toolkits, e.g. nlp, computer vision, deep learning, distributed graph, mixture network, etc.
•_** Strong Python skill**_

€ 8.000 - 10.000/mese

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Posizione lavorativa
Data Mining, Cluster Analysis, Data engineer | Database admin, Machine Learning, Data Scientist | Machine learning

Luogo dell'offerta
Roma (Italy)

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