Sr. Mobile Developer (remote) da Oval Money

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On the technology side, Oval is a platform with millions of data sets, and we’ve built an app on top to reach our users. This wouldn’t have been possible without a powerful combo of outstanding backend and mobile engineering.

By choosing a job where you are completely part of the product build, without having to serve any client, you will enjoy the complete freedom in participating in what we create, and how we do it. That’s awesome, and a great challenge.


  • We want Oval champions that share the same values that we stand behind.

  • You want to work on big ideas that can change the life of millions and are hungry to change the world.

  • You love to work alongside other talents, and are proud to learn from your teammates as well as teach them.

  • You want to be tested and challenged to go beyond your limits

  • You are looking to face some of the toughest business and technological challenges, where good isn’t good enough.

  • You think global and act as an owner, taking the initiative and making an impact with codel.

  • You understand that Oval needs to be the best at what it does in order to make a real difference and scale.

  • You loose coins all the time and are looking to find a new way to stop that.

  • You are angry with banks for not giving you the experience you want.

  • But most of all you believe your friends and your family will become Ovalers, and you will always be respectful, transparent and fair with them.


You will be part of a team of serial entrepreneurs with a global market experience in building tech startups and you will have the opportunity to change the financial market, by bringing better education and inclusion.

You will be able to work from HQ in Turin or from our satellite offices in London or Rome and enjoy the wonderful italian breakfast for the team prepared every day.

We give you 2000 € of budget for create your workstation (we love Apple but is up to you the choice)

You will be independent and can manage your own schedule but will be working with an international and diverse team of people that together have the mission to change the financial world forever.


We believe you are a hard worker, a visionary and dreamer. We want you to think like a leader and act like an executor. We want you to have a big heart and a sharp mind.

At Oval, you’ll become a ninja mobile developer, learning how to implement beautiful, animated UIs, develop and integrate with our servers’ APIs, and creating powerful libraries, as well as mastering our various tools. (in your cover letter please try to give a very brief description of your experience in each of these items, if any)

You have extensive computer science experience, either from your studies or personal pursuit, that is sufficient to have a solid grasp of algorithms, design patterns, complex software projects, and basic technologies.
You have the passion for what we do. Ask yourself if you want to spend the next few years building a product that can change the life of millions around the work. If you do, Oval is where you can make it happen.
You appreciate working independently, as well as having a collaborative personality, with the tendency to put forward your ideas and show initiative within your team
You are willing to take on an extremely exciting and rewarding, but also very challenging and demanding journey, which will require outstanding dedication and passion.
You feel comfortable to learn the hard way.

Mobile developer:

  • Knowledge or experience with iOS development and/or Android development

  • Experience with iOS or Android UI frameworks

  • Performance analysis and tuning experience including memory usage, CPU utilization, leak checking, etc. is important

  • Ownership and participation

  • Understanding of engineering constraints in a startup environment

  • Experience in React Native would be very beneficial

  • Strong programming skills: C, C++, Python would also be a huge plus

  • Having open source projects/contributions we could look at would be very helpful

RAL: starting from €30k

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Job Title
Sr. Mobile Developer (remote)

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Torino (Italy)

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