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DevOps Engineer

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DevOps Engineer

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Conio is looking for a DevOps Engineer to maintain and extend its current IT infrastructures, both from a system administration perspective and a higher level view in order to provide software engineers, end users and stakeholders the best possible performance and service levels. 

The candidate should be able to work in a technologically challenging environment where several performance aspects are to be taken into account.

He should be comfortable with working in a multi-tenant setup with different requirements and different objectives to tackle with fast and reliable solutions.

Also, he should be comfortable with high-available infrastructures and fault-tolerant architectures, have knowledge of site reliability best practices and techniques.


• Deploy, maintain, and support a scalable and reliable multi-tenant cloud infrastructure

• Put in place best security and test automation practices to ensure product quality

• Ensure infrastructure reliability and fault tolerance

• Forecast and prevent technological bottlenecks and service impairing problems

Minimum Qualifications

• BS degree in Computer Science or a similar technical field of study, or equivalent practical experience

• 1+ years of DevOps / software development experience

• Proficiency in system administration, mainly Ubuntu Linux

• Working experience in architecting and maintaining production-grade cloud solutions in environments such as AWS

• Knowledge of networking, web security mechanisms, and containerization

• Knowledge of orchestration tools, such as Kubernetes and Docker Swarm

• Proficiency in scripting (any language, Python 3 strongly preferred)

• Proficiency with highly-available fault-tolerant scalable architectures and mechanisms (load balancing)

• Working proficiency and communication skills in verbal and written English

Preferred Qualifications

• Experience with deployment automation and Continuous Integration systems such as Jenkins 2, Travis, GoCD

• Hands-on experience in planning and deploying complex architectures using IaC (Infrastructure as Code) tools (CloudFormation, Terraform)

• Hand-on experience in multi-machine automated software provisioning using tools (Puppet, Chef, Ansible)

• Knowledge of monitoring methodologies and tools (Nagios, Prometheus)

• Knowledge of scaling principles and autoscaling methologies

• System administration skills on MacOS and Windows

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