For each Geek to find the best place to work in

We provide Geeks with a digital suite to assist them in their career path


Digital jobs are changing and growing, old recruiting and selection processes have failed to keep the pace by adapting to the new needs


A web platform fully created to meet Geeks' present and future career needs

Geekandjob CV Builder


Anticipate the market changes

Forever free for users


Leverage technology to improve the human touch


GeekandJob is for all Geeks, tech enthusiasts who build a professional career on their passion.

The Talent Ambassador is the reference point for candidates. Each user is associated with a Talent Ambassador, who can be contacted for any need related to job search.

The Talent Consultant is the reference point for companies. Each company interfaces with a dedicated Talent Consultant, so that the company always knows who to contact for every need or request related to the search for personnel.

Write us! You can send an email to, or write to your Talent.

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