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GeekandJob is for all Geeks, tech enthusiasts who build a professional career on their passion.

The Talent Ambassador is the reference point for candidates. Each user is associated with a Talent Ambassador, who can be contacted for any need related to job search.

GeekandJob is completely free for users, forever.

Throughout Italy, and beyond. Our team only selects companies that offer stimulating positions: we started from Italy, but we are expanding.

Sure! You can use GeekandJob to stay informed about the tech job market, to create a personalized profile / CV once and for all, have a chat with your Talent Ambassador and be ready to look around as soon as you want!

Only you decide which companies can see your profile. We believe that confidentiality is essential, which is why GeekandJob allows users to independently select which companies can access their personal information. So you can look for a new opportunity, without the risk of letting your current employer know.

The Geek Quiz is a test that in some cases it's necessary to complete to apply for a job offer. Some companies use the Geek Quiz to test the candidate, or to better understand their past experiences and availability for the future. Each Geek Quiz has a different duration, because each company customizes the test as they like.

Obviously not. When you apply for a job posting, you allow the company to see your complete profile and contact you by e-mail or phone, but without any restrictions (perhaps reply =).

Thanks to the information you provide upon registration, the GeekandJob algorithm extracts the data to be matched with job offers. If there is compatibility, you will be sent a notification indicating the presence of an advertisement of your interest. If not, we don't bother you!

Write us! You can send an email to feedback@geekandjob.com, or write to your Talent Ambassador.


We collaborate with companies of all types, from start-ups to multinationals, from tech companies to traditional companies with an Information Technology department (already existing or being created).

The Talent Consultant is the reference point for companies. Each company interfaces with a dedicated Talent Consultant, so that the company always knows who to contact for every need or request related to the search for personnel.

The cost for companies depends on the type of service requested. We have various solutions that adapt to different needs: we can discuss them together, contact us now!

The platform includes professionals who work in the most diverse areas of the digital and tech world. Full Stack and Mobile Engineer, Software Architect and Database Administrator, we have the right candidate for every search!

The GeekandJob platform was born in Italy. At the moment we operate mainly on the national territory, but we are expanding.

When the company creates a new job offer on GeekandJob, there is the possibility of setting up a Geek Quiz (a test with timed questions, freely customizable). With the Geek Quiz you can carry out a first screening of the users who apply for the ad. You can see the results of the Geek Quiz in real time and immediately understand which are the most suitable candidates.

Obviously not. When a candidate accepts a job advertisement, the company sees his complete profile and contact details, but then the selection process is free and without constraints.

Thanks to the information provided at the time of creating the job advertisement, the algorithm extracts the data to be crossed with the candidates. A notification is then sent to all compatible candidates, notifying them of the presence of an advertisement in line with their skills. Candidates can thus view the job and express their interest, allowing access to the profile and contact details by the company.

Write us! You can send an email to feedback@geekandjob.com, or write to your Talent Consultant.

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