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Cloud Engineer/Architect (DevOps)

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Cloud Engineer/Architect (DevOps)

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We are looking for people who are competent in the cloud, both in the engineering and architecture areas of the domain.

Contract and locations
- Contract Type: Full-time, permanent contract.

- Locations: Milan, Pisa, Turin, Rome, Collecchio, Castellazzo Bormida
Enjoy a hybrid work culture that offers the best of remote flexibility and in-person collaboration

The team
The Core Architecture Team (CAT) produces and manage the core technology, methodologies and frameworks that underpin all new or re-engineered products.
The client provides internal and external customers foundations and an open platform they can extend and evolve to manage their solutions independently and with reduced cost of ownership.
The Cloud Center is aimed to support the Group's strategy toward “a Cloud native offering" via a cross–functional team of empowered people that are responsible for developing and managing the strategy, governance, and best practices for the entire Group.
Some of the team deliverables: 

  • Create the Cloud Infrastructure reusable by all the Divisions
  • Provide guidelines and best practices for the entire organization
  • Reduce operation complexity via automated platform configuration and deployment
  • Provide tools that ease the developers to setup the CI environment for products

The cloud engineer side

  • Promote and execute the adoption of DevOps and Cloud Native principles and raise awareness on the importance of reliability and automation.
  • Help the team to give guidelines and blueprints on DevOps lifecycle of applications.
  • Maintain our internal tooling and automation, to improve the reliability, scalability and the observability of our services.
  • Proactively identify and solve issues across the whole stack, together with the rest of the infrastructure and engineering teams.
  • Contribute to raise awareness in the security and protection of the cloud, understanding how to fit these in timelines and backlog of the end team.·
  • Will work to improve our automated delivery, improving our CI/CD solutions using automation tools to create / refactor deployment tools or pipelines (with SaaS solutions like GitHub).
  • Have strong coding and scripting experience and you are interested in improving your programming / coding knowledge (python or go ideally).

The cloud architect side:

  • Create a state-of-the-art secure cloud architecture, supported by a robust and flexible infrastructure and platform with reliable and efficient operating model.
  • Design and implement deployment, maintenance, monitoring, and management processes within the cloud strategy.
  • Design and support the Development team in creating new cloud-native applications, while reviewing existing applications to migrate them to support the cloud architecture strategy.
  • Engage with Product Development teams to ensure cloud-native architecture becomes part of the standard design principles followed, supporting continuous integration and delivery models.
  • Work with stakeholders and c-level executives to agree on strategies to meet customers' needs and to implement the cloud strategies accordingly. 

Your skills, experience, and qualifications

  • Work language is English, hence it’s very important to be proficient with it.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in one of the major clouds, including: AWS, Azure, GCP; with a comprehensive understanding and real-world implementation experience
  • Microservices in a cloud-native world: architecture, deployments and engineering in the Kubernetes and Container space.
  • You are familiar on how to protect services and adhere with industry standards / best practices.
  • Understanding of network tipologies, deployment methods and constraints in the cloud
  • Familiarity with application development methodologies in a cloud-native environment and container-based runtime.
  • You would benefit from having architectural concepts like SOA, object-oriented analysis and design, and/or client/server systems.
  • A proven track record as an engineer or architect and working in a consulting capacity directly with teams, to educate and provide the best solution achievable within the project constraints.
  • Cyber Security and operations awareness: understanding the basic principles (identity and access management, least privilege, encryption, etc) and strive towards implementing best practices and education, to establish a robust set of defences in line with the company requirements.

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